Gif: Alexis Sanchez toys with Kante and Moses!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch as Alexis Sanchez toyed with N’Golo Kante and Victor Moses in a Premier League derby between Chelsea and Arsenal!

Chelsea and Arsenal played out an entertaining goalless draw. Probably the most entertaining goalless draw you could watch.

David Luiz was the man, who had the most controversies in this match. He bicycle kicked Koscienly and made one terrible tackle on Kolasinac, to get himself sent off.

Definitely a Luiz kind of match, that didn’t produce any goals.

Strangely, but Alexis Sanchez didn’t start against Chelsea, he came off the bench, and made the skill of the match.

He received a pass, made one wicked touch that confused Kane, than made another that confused Kante even further, than made the third touch that confused Moses, who eventually fouled Sanchez.

Great three touch skill from Sanchez, who helped Gooners to hold on, and bring this match to a draw.

In the end Arsenal was probably the happier of the two, given that an away match at Chelsea usually ended up in defeat.

So, a good result for Wenger, who won’t have to listen Wenger Out for the next week.

That’s how Sanchez toys with Kante and Moses!