Video: Levadia scores after 15 seconds, without touching the ball in Estonia!


Watch as Levadia scores a goal after 15 seconds and without touching the ball in Estonia, against Paide!

Levadia and Paide played a regular cup match in Estonia.

In a match, that no one would othervise watch, except from local people and the fans of both clubs, had one really strange goal.

Probably one of the strangest goals, ever!

Well strangest own goals, ever!

Levadia scored a goal after just 15 seconds, withouth ever touching the ball. In other words, Paide scored one of the fastest own goals, ever. It was a clumsy backpass that did it, but why was that player passing the ball to his keeper in his position!?!

One would think that this was fixed, but apparently wasn’t.

There have been other strange own goals. Like that one from Kondogbia, or Jose Angel. Both of those goals were more spectacular, but non was that quick.

Levadia quickly scored another goal, and eventually won 3-1, but that first goal was really something.

It looks like Estonia’s football is gaining attention in the wrong way, but who knows, we might see a screamer next week, from this small country.