Gif: Sergio Ramos comically picks up Luis Suarez during Spanish Super Cup!

Luis Suarez

Watch as Sergio Ramos comically picks up Luis Suarez during a Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid!

Real surprisingly won 1-3 in the middle of Barcelona.

Pique, Ronaldo and Asensio scored for Real, while only Messi scored for Barcelona.

The goal of the match was scored by Ronaldo. He scored a fantastic goal that went right into the top right of Barca’s goal.

Ronaldo afterward made even better celebration, for which he got a yellow card. This proved to be costly for the Portuguese, as he eventually got another yellow and a red card.

This was kind of strange, as Ronaldo got his second yellow card for apparent dive, which it actually wasn’t.

On the other side of the pitch, Barca got themselves a penalty from Suarez’ dive.

It was clearly unfair, as Ronaldo got sent off for not diving, while Suarez got a penalty for diving.

Sergio Ramos obviously didn’t approve Suarez dive, so he went to the Uruguay international, to “help him” get up. He basically threw Suarez away in anger.

Nevertheless, Real registered an important victory. A victory that will get them another trophy.

That’s how Sergio Ramos showed his respect to Luis Suarez!