Gif: Phil Jones told Anthony Martial to smile, after scoring vs West Ham!

Anthony Martial

Watch as Phil Jones told Anthony Martial to smile, after Martial scored a late goal against West Ham!

Manchester United made a great start to a new Premier League season.

They demolished West Ham with superior 4-0 result, in a match they totally dominated.

Its too soon to name than as the favorite to win the Premier League, but wins like this sure change stuff in their favour.

Anthony Martial was also a player who scored a goal.

Martial has had a difficult year behind him, as he lost his starting position, and became a benchwarmer.

Its hard to say that this goal has change his position in the team, but it didn’t hurt, either.

After Martial scored, and he was celebratin, Phil Jones came to him and told him to smile, which Martial eventually did. A funny scene, that shows Martial apparent unhappines with his position in the club.

There were rumors about Tottenham, but it looks like Martial is going to stay at United, for the upcoming season.

So, Manchester United won against West Ham, to start their Premier League campaign with a bang. On the other hand, West Ham looks like having another difficult season in Premier League.

And that’s how Phil Jones managed to put a smile on Martial’s face!