Gif: Conor Shaughnessy concedes a weird penalty vs Bolton!

Conor Shaughnessy

Watch as Leeds’ Conor Shaughnessy concedes a very strange penalty against Bolton in Championship!

Leeds and Bolton played out quite an interesting match!

It ended 2-3 for Leeds.

A deserved victory for Leeds, who were the better team of the two!

The funniest moment of the match came when Bolton had a random corner kick.

The ball was kicked inside penalty area, while it was easily cleared by Leeds’ players!

Well, one Leeds player did something you don’t see that often.

Shaughnessy comically put shirt over opponent’s head and those creating a penalty kick for Bolton. It was quite ridiculous and totally pointless way to get a penalty.

Sure, it wasn’t as bad as stomping someone’s head, but still!

This basically put Bolton back into the game, but Bolton couldn’t make a comeback.

The match ended with 2-3 result, which means that Leeds has made a winning start to a new season in Championship!

The Shaughnessy’s way of defending!