Gif: Arturo Vidal with epic fail vs Napoli!

Arturo Vidal

Watch as Arturo Vidal makes an epic fail against Napoli in Audi Cup!

Bayern Munich and Napoli are playing in Audi Cup for a third place finish.

That means that both teams lost their first matches.

Napoli lost their match against Atletico (2-1), and lost one player thanks to terrible tackle from Godin!

Bayern on the other hand got destroyed by Liverpool (0-3), with Sturridge scoring the best goal (and injuring himself).

In this match, stuff isn’t looking good for Bayern at all.

They are losing the match 0-2 with less than 30 minutes to go.

It has been a truly awful home tournament for Bayern, a competition they usually win.

They haven’t scored a goal, while got 5.

Bayern performance in this tournament is best described by Arturo Vidal’s epic fail.

He got into a good position. Tried to shoot, but unfortunately hit the ball with the wrong leg. Vidal then comically dropped to the ground, holding the ball.

So, a really bad overall performance from Bayern, who will face Borussia Dortmund in German Super Cup on Saturday!

Arturo Vidal showcases Bayern Munich performance in Audi Cup 2017!