Gif: Alex Iwobi made a fool out of Cesc Fabregas!

Alex Iwobi

Watch as Alex Iwobi made a fool out of Cesc Fabregas in Community Shield!

Arsenal and Chelsea have opened up the Premier League, with their Community Shield match.

Arsenal won through penalties with finale result being 1-1 (4-1).

This means that another FA Cup winner became the champion of Community Shield.

It was an interesting match full of controversies.

Per Mertesacker got badly hurt, while Willian got probably booked for a dive, that it really wasn’t, while Pedro got a very harsh red card.

The best moment of the match came when Courtois saved that cracker from Xhaka.

It was a really special save, but a save that ultimately didn’t make a difference.

If that was the best moment of the match, than Alex Iwobi made the best skill of the match.

Iwobi is Arsenal product, and has slowly got into Arsenal first team. He showed why he stayed there with one lovely skill against Cesc Fabregas.

Fabregas used to be Arsenal captain and their leader, but then he left for Barca.

Some fans forgave him, some didn’t. Well, Iwobi decided to make a fool out of him, with very quick legs. Its kind of difficult to explain the skill, other than Iwobi rolling the ball left than right, so its better to just see the gif!

Arsenal won another “friendly” trophy, while Chelsea has gotten to a bad start. This shows you that Chelsea is going to have a lot more problems this season.

How Alex Iwobi made a fool out of Cesc Fabregas!


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