Gif: Lieke Martens makes fantastic Cruyff turn vs Belgium Women!

Lieke Martens

Watch as Lieke Martens makes a fantastic Cruyff’s turn against Belgium women national football team!

As you probably know, women are playing their EURO in football!

They are still in their group stages, but are playing their last rounds in them.

Netherlands defeated Belgium with 1-2 result.

The star of the show was definitely Lieke Martens, who scored the winning goal.

Martens didn’t just score the winning goal, but was a constant danger for Belgium’s team.

Lieke also performed the skill of the match. She made a fantastic Cruyff turn, that even Cruyff would be proud of. He made the turn and quite ridiculed two of Belgium’s players!

So, Netherlands won, which puts them top of their group and into the next round, while Belgium will have to head back home!

Lieke Martens makes a Cruyff turn, that even Cruyff would be proud of!


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