Gif: Vinicius Jr with a cheeky nutmeg vs Ponte Preta!

Vinicius Jr

Watch as Vinicius Jr makes a cheeky nutmeg against Ponte Preat in Brasileiro!

Vinicius Jr was bought by Real Madrid for incredible €45 million despite being 16 years old. At the time of the transfer, Vinicius didn’t play a single match of sinior football for the club.

An incredible situation, which shows you just where is football going nowdays.

Still, Vinicius is getting his first steps at Flamengo (being loaned by Real), and got his first assist against Ponte Preta.

He did more than just assist against Ponte Preta. He made one cheeky nutmeg that left his opponent really confused.

I would say that this nutmeg was quite similar to that of Pele (although that wasn’t nutmeg). Vinicius basically just released the ball, which went between the opponents leg.

Vinicius is still young, and he will need years, to prove his worth, but given another Real’s prospect Odeggard, he might never achieve his potential.

That’s how Vinicius Jr makes a cheeky nutmeg!


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