Gif: Ronaldinho with outrageous nutmeg vs Jasper Blomqvist!


Watch as Ronaldinho makes an outrageous nutmeg on Jasper Blomqvist during Barcelona and Manchester United legends match!

Barcelona legends and Manchester United legends got together to play a friendly match.

This means that the end result didn’t really matter, but still.

United won with a 1-3 result, which is surprising given that it was played at Barca’s stadium.

Ronaldinho again stole the show, with one really fantastic skill that just destroyed Jasper Blomqvist!

Although, Blomqvist is hardly a United legend, he still played and even scored one goal.

Well, Brazil maestro made a real fool out of him with a cheeky backheel-role nutmeg that left Blomqvist trying to caught his balance, let alone one of Barcelona’s best players (ever).

Just watch this skill, and you will remember why Ronaldinho was once the best football player in the planet!

That’s how Ronaldinho is casually destroying Manchester United legends!


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