Gif: Daniel Ceballos awesome solo run vs Italy U-21!

Daniel ceballos

Watch as Daniel Ceballos makes a terrific solo run against Italy U-21 in the semi-finale of EURO U-21!

Spain outplayed Italy and deservedly won with a 1-3 scoreline.

This means that Spain is going to play the finale against Germany.

The man of the match was definitely Saul Niguez. He scored all three goals (fantastic second goal), and was the main reason Spain won.

Although Niguez got the spotlight, there was another Spanish player that was equally awesome.

Daniel Ceballos made one assist and got Italy’s man sent off. Still the most impressive stuff he did, was that awesome solo run. He went through the whole of Italy’s midfield and defense to make a cheeky pass, right through the opponent’s legs to Deulofeu.

It was stunning run, which shows you that Spain has another golden generation waiting to come alive on the big stage!

That’s how Daniel Ceballos made a fool out of Italy’s U21 squad!


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