Video: Tottenham fans racially abuse Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV!

robbie arsenal fan tv

Watch as Tottenham fans racially abuse Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV!

Tottenham defeated Arsenal to end Arsenal’s domination over them.

This is the first time in 20 years that Tottenham is going to finish above Arsenal.

Quite a historic moment from Tottenham and their fans.

Tottenham fans used this moment to let all of their anger over Arsenal’s counterparts, and they took things too far, especially against Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV.

You have probably heard by know about Arsenal Fan TV and their crazy personalities.

They were conducting their usual interviews, when a bunch of Tottenham fans started to give racial insults to Robbie (interviewer). Police quickly got involved, as there was a serious danger of bodily harm, but in the end nothing happened.

Tottenham got their victory, Robbie got his insults, and Arsenal Fan TV got even more famous!

Robbie From Arsenal Fan TV Attacked By… by WittyFutty


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