Video: Paul McShane gets red card for sick knee tackle vs Fulham!

Paul McShane

Watch as Paul McShane gets a red card for a really sick knee tackle against a Fulham’s player!

English Championship clubs have started to play their semi-finale matches for the last place that leads to Premier League.

In other words, a place that leads to riches and fame, a few leagues can offer (no other league can really offer).

Fulham and Reading played their first match, which ended up in draw (1-1).

It wasn’t anything special of a match, but there was one serious incident, involving Reading’s Paul McShane.

It was a very painful incident, that almost ended in tragedy!

McShane made a sick tackle right into the knee of Fulham’s player. He got a direct red card, but this is a “jail” tackle. I mean, he could have ended the player’s career, so he should definitely get a worse punishment, than just a casual 3 match suspension.

Fulham couldn’t used a player advantage, which means that Reading will have an advantage as they are playing at home in the second leg!

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