Gif: Ander Herrera disgraceful dive vs Ajax in Europa League finale!

Ander Herrera

Watch as Ander Herrera preformed a disgraceful dive against Ajax in Europa League finale!

Manchester United have won Europa League 2016/2017.

A totally deserved victory against a really poor Ajax!

The best moment of the match came, when Mikhi scored that clever goal. On the other hand, the most controversial moment of the match came when Ander Herrera made a really disgraceful dive.

Mata made a clumsy foul, which angered some of Ajax’s players. Herrera went there and made a headlock with one of Ajax’s players. As soon as their head touched, Herrera went down like he suffered a knockout.

A really disgraceful dive!

Still, this didn’t effect the match at all, and United and Mourinho won the competition!

And that’s how Ander Herrera became known as a dumb diver!


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