Arsene Wenger signs new 2-year contract with underachieving contract clause!

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has finally signed a new 2 year contract with special underachieving contract clause, after meeting with Stan Kroenke.

It has happened!

After almost a year of, he will sign/he will not sign, Arsene Wenger has finally extended his Arsenal contract for 2 years.

We asked The professor (Arsene Wenger) how he feels about this new contract extension, and he said “It’s a wonderful feeling”, he continued “everyone wanted to get rid of me, but than I won an FA Cup, and everyone likes me now”.

We asked Mr. Wenger about his meeting with Stan Kroenke, and he said that “It went well, it was a quick meeting, where silent Stan didn’t say anything, and was sitting there like a statue. I knew immediately, that its going to be a successful meeting”.

Given the amount of criticism, we also asked Mr. Wenger if there are some additional clauses in this match. He responded, by saying “Of course! I have a special clause of underachieving written in the contract. This means that I will need to underachieve in order to stay at the club, which won’t be a problem given the past decade”.

Wenger signs a special new contract with Arsenal!

Its hard to say that this contract extension is going to ease the pressure on Wenger, given that there were planes flying with Wenger Out banner. That’s why we also asked some of the supporters on what they think about an extension.

We couldn’t get any apart from one taxi driver who said “Wenger was fine at the start of the season, than he was becoming great, than it all went wrong and he became a disgrace, and now he’s fine again. I guess he can stay for two more years, but only if he repeats this cycle again and bring that 4th place trophy”.

So, Wenger signed a new contract with a special clause of repeating everything that he did “unsuccessfully” in the past decade, or so!

It also looks like the fans have became institutionalized and are going to need that 4th place cycle, again. You know, starting great, but ending up just finishing 4th. Given this, Arsenal fans are in for two fantastic years, in which hope will be replaced by misery, and Arsenal Fan TV is probably going to end up as a sitcom.

This article is a parody. It ain’t true, but it would be funny if it was!