Video: Ross Barkley nearly broke Lovren’s ankle!

Ross Barkley

Watch as Ross Barkley almost broke Dejan Lovren’s ankle!

It has been a fantastic Merseyside derby so far.

Plenty of pace and plenty of fouls, and half dozen goals.

The nastiest move of the match was definitely that by Ashley Williams stomp on Emre Can!

While the most dangerous was the one by Ross Barkley crazy tackle against Dejan Lovren’s ankle!

I mean, Barkley lost a random ball in the midfield. He went with his studs up, and landed directly onto Lovren’s ankle. Lovren was very lucky that his ankle managed to remain intact, as most tackles like that lead to some kind of bone break.

Liverpool vs Everton is the match that has the most red cards in the Premier League so far. Its not really a surprise. This match should have 2 red cards in the first half alone!


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