Video: Omar Baye Niasse weird red card vs Watford!

Omar Baye Niasse

Watch as Omar Baye Niasse gets a really weird red card against Watford in a Premier League encounter!

Omar Baye Niasse gets a really bizarre red card in a crucial Premier League match.

Hull and Watford are playing an important match, that will probably decide Hull’s future in the Premier League.

Well, referee made one really strange decision, which is just terrible for Hull.

Niasse got sent off for a tackle against Watford. It was a clumsy kick from Niasse and nothing more, but referee showed him the red card.

This was way too harsh, and leaves Hull with terrible options against Watford.

I have no idea how Premier League¬† referee’s are judging these fouls, sometimes a player can stomp another player and doesn’t get anything. Other times, a player gives a clumsy kick and he’s off!


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