Video: Cristiano Ronaldo scores second goal from offside vs Bayern!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo scores his crucial second goal from an offside position against Real Madrid!

Real eventually turned the match around against Bayern, and are leading 4-2, now.

The match is over, that’s a fact, a true fact.

A player more on the pitch did the difference, but referee’s helped even further by allowing Ronaldo’s second goal.

Sergio Ramos played a fantastic ball into Cristiano, who was in a great position. The Portuguese took a great touch, turned around and scored. Everything fine and dandy, but he was offside.

Referee’s tonight had an absolute nightmare. First, there was a penalty, that shouldn’t have been, than Vidal got sent off, for doing everything right, and than Ronaldo scored from offside.

A really shit refereeing, pardon my language!

Ronaldo scored 5 goals, yes FIVE, but the most important one shouldn’t have counted.

Horrible for Bayern, but great for Real!

Real stays on course to do the impossible and win another Champions League.


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