Gif: Thibaut Courtois crucial goal line save after Harry Kane’s free kick!

Thibaut Courtois

Watch as Thibaut Courtois made a goal line save after a powerful Harry Kane’s free kick shot during an FA Cup semi-finale!

Chelsea knocked out Tottenham with 4-2 scoreline.

A very even match, although the result doesn’t show that, was broken by Eden Hazard’s goal. Matic’s goal put the finale nail in Tottenham’s coffin, but Tottenham still had their chance.

Harry Kane had a free kick, and put all his power into it. The ball went straight into Courtois, who couldn’t kept the ball. In fact, the ball squezed under Curtois, but the Belgian was very quick to react. He saved it right on the goal-line and deny Tottenham a life line.

Chelsea than coast to another victory and another FA Cup finale.

While Tottenham fans did what they do best, leave the match in huge numbers, before the end.

When the ball almost squeezes over the line, but doesn’t!


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