Video: Moussa Dembele gets injured after a cheeky back-heel pass vs Rangers!

Moussa Dembele

Watch as Moussa Dembele gets injured after a a cheeky back-heel pass, that got Celtic corner against Rangers!

Celtic and Rangers are playing the semi-finale of Scottish League Cup.

Celtic is deservedly in the lead after Callum Mcgregor put them into the lead.

Surprisinly, nothing special happened for the rest of the first half, expect for a bizarre injury by Moussa Dembele.

Dembele has arrived from Fulham and has been nothing short of sensational for Celtic.

Well, he hasn’t really do himself any favor in this match. He made a successful back-heel pass, to win Celtic a corner, but then somehow comically injured himself.

Rangers fans loved it, as they saw it as a poetic justice for Dembele trying to ridicule one of their players, but than ended up as ridiculing himself.


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