Video: Marcus Rashford shameful dive to win a penalty vs Swansea City!

Marcus Rashford

Watch as Marcus Rashford made a shameful dive to win a penalty against Swansea City!

Manchester United again managed only a draw at home against Swansea City!

Sigurdsson scored a fantastic goal, while United scored a very controversial one.

Marcus Rashford managed to get through Swansea’s defense, and went alone against Swansea’s keeper Fabianski. Well, Fabianski closed down Rashford, who made a shameful dive, as to appear that he was brought down by Fabianski.

Referee bought it, and pointed to the spot.

Rooney eventually scored, but this dive doesn’t show anything good about Rashford. He made a comment that he learned a lot for Ibrahimovic, and as it looks like he learned to dive to.


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