Gif: Kevin Strootman shocking dive to win a penalty vs Lazio!

Kevin Strootman

Watch as Kevin Strootman performs a shocking dive to win a penalty against Lazio in the derby!

Roma and Lazio are currently drawing their derby with a one goal apiece!

Lazio scored through Keita precise shot, while Roma scored through a very controversial circumstances.

Wallace was adjudged to foul Kevin Strootman in the penalty area. This was far from truth, as Wallace hit the air, while Strootman performed a ridiculous dive, that referees (somehow) bought.

It was never a penalty, and De Rossi shouldn’t have scored from subsequent penalty.

A very controversial moment, which will have a big effect on the match, but let’s wait and see the second half.

Wallace hits the air, Strootman falls, and Roma got a penalty!


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