Video: Claudio Bravo flop almost gifts a goal to Manchester United!

Claudio Bravo

Watch as Claudio Bravo makes a terrible flop, from which Manchester United almost scored a goal!

Manchester City and United are still locked in a goalless draw.

Its a very even match, with not many chances.

The best chance of the match definitely came to Aguero, who hit the post from close range!

United didn’t really create that fantastic chance for themselves, but they were helped by Claudio Bravo.

Bravo has became something of a joke at Manchester City. He has made numerous mistakes, ever since joining the club from Barca.

He was at his “usual best” again at United.

A random ball was delivered in City’s penalty area. The ball was going nowhere, but Bravo decided to deflect the ball from the air, directly into United player. He did save the consequent shot, but what a gaffe.

So, result is still 0-0, but with Bravo in goal, anything can happen!

Bravo flap vs United


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