Parody: Arsene Wenger signs new 20-year contract to stay at Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger

Exclusive news as Arsene Wenger has finally signed an all new 20-year deal to stay at Arsenal FC!

Its been a tough few months for Arsenal faithful, as they waited if their favorite manager is going to finally extend his deal.

Well it has finally happened!

Arsene Wenger signed new deal that will keep him at Arsenal for the next two decades.

After signing the deal, Arsene Wenger had this to say “I am so happy that I have finally signed the new deal”, Wenger continued “I gave it a lot of thinking, but in the end, Piers Morgan and Arsenal Fan TV helped make my decision. Whenever we lose a match, I always like to watch Arsenal Fan TV videos, they always cheer me up after the loss. While, Morgan’s comments are pure comedy gold”.

When Wenger was asked about the recent criticism he replied “Pure nonsense, fans are like wives, they say one thing, but mean the other”, Wenger continued “When they send that airplane (with the banner), it was sign of their love. I mean what kind of idiot would waste all that money for hating someone”.

“Piers Morgan and Arsenal Fan TV helped make my decision”

Wenger had also this to say “Look, I want to stay at Arsenal for as long as possible. That’s why I signed a 20-year deal. I also have clause in, that will enable me to managed this club, even If I am no longer alive. So you could say that this contract is very special”.

The board along with Kroenke and Gazidis was anonymous with their satisfaction about signing up Wenger. “This is like a new signing” exclaimed Gazidis. “We’ve been working on this contract for the past NINE months, and we finally did it. I am sure that this news will bring all of Arsenal fans even closer”.

We couldn’t get any fans comments apart from a man calling himself Troopz. He had this to say “Blud, this is Sh.., I tell you blud, you are fuc…. me, fam. I just can’t fuc… believe it blud, fam”. In other words, he was delighted.

So Arsenal received the news they’ve been searching for the past couple of months. Who knows, this might be the key moment of Arsenal season. A moment that will lift them up to 4th place, a place where magic happens for Arsenal!