Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo with elastico nutmeg vs Espanyol!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo makes fantastic bit of skill called elastico and nutmeg against Espanyol in La Liga!

Real Madrid is leading 1-0 against Espanyol in the second La Liga match of the day. The other Madrid has already won the match, and as it looks like Real is winning its match too.

Surprisingly, Ronaldo didn’t score the goal, but he still made a fantastic skill, that you don’t see very often!

Ronaldo got the ball on the right side of Espanyol’s penalty area. With opponent just ahead of him, Ronaldo decided to use a skill that was a hallmark of Ronaldinho.


Ronaldo made a perfect elastico that went right between the legs of Espanyol player. That means that Ronaldo made an elastico nutmeg, which is really difficult and rare.

So Real is leading 1-0, but the goal has definitely been overshadowed by Ronaldo’s skill!

When Ronaldo makes an elastico with a nutmeg!


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