Video: Petr Cech makes epic double save vs Middlesbrough!

Petr Cech

Watch as Petr Cech makes a really epic double save against Middlesbrough in Premier League encounter!

Arsenal and Middlesbrough are playing a Premier League match, and Middlesbrough is surprisingly the better of the teams. At least in terms of chances.

Arsenal had one chance from free kick, but Middlesbrough had two incredible chances, which were both saved by incredible Peter Cech.

The best save by Cech was made when Koscielny carelessly lost a ball in defense. Middlesbrough’s striker was one on one with Cech, but Czech keeper made a perfect save. That wasn’t all though, as the ball went to another Middlesbrough’s player, but Cech made another save.

Quite frankly, Peter Cech is the only reason why Arsenal isn’t losing against Middlesbrough, but we will see what the second half will bring!


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