Video: Jean-Francois Bedenik preforms the funniest penalty ever for Vannes OC!

Jean Francois Bedenik

Watch as Jean Francois Bedenik takes the funniest penalty ever in a French 5th League for Vannes OC!

So, Vannes OC was playing against Rennes TA in a regular French 5th tier league match!

Vannes won the match comfortably 3-0, but the highlight was definitely the penalty, that was taken by Jean-Francois Bedenik.

Talk about a funny penalty, Bedenik took the initial shot, but it hit the post and ricocheted against the back of the goalkeeper and back to Bedenik.

Comically, Benedik got a second chance to score, but his header was saved by the goalkeeper. This didn’t end, as goalkeeper kicked the ball away against another Vannes player, from whom the ball again ricocheted back against Rennes goal. Goalkeeper even managed to save that third “shot”, and with it, the most hilarious penalty ever!

Vannes OC’s Jean-François Bédénik Preforms The… by WittyFutty