Video: Diego Costa slaps Leonardo Bonucci’s face!

Diego Costa

Watch as Diego Costa slapped Leonardo Bonucci’s face during World Cup qualification between Italy and Spain!

Diego Costa hit Leonardo Bonucci twice, but didn’t get anything.

The pick of the qualification round is definitely Italy versus Spain.

Two two great teams are playing a qualification round for the World Cup in Russia, with Spain leading at the moment 0-1.

Although Spain was definitely the better team, they were lucky not to be reduced to ten man on the pitch!

The main culprit was obviously Diego Costa.

He was “fighting” with Leonardo Bonucci for a random ball, and all of a sudden decided to slap the Italy’s defender face!

Costa got a yellow, but could have easily been given a red!

As it looks like Spain will win, but Italy will definitely have an “opinion” about Costa’s slap!