Video: Bredford’s keeper Colin Doyle replaced after 2 minutes without a reason!

Colin Doyle

Watch as Bredford City’s goalkeeper gets subbed off after 2 minutes without any sensible reason against Bury!

Bredford managed to beat Bury 2-1 in a third English league. Basically a non story, but for a very weird scene in the beginning of the match.

For some kind of weird reason, Bredford’s Colin Doyle got substituted after incredible 2 minutes of the match.

The keeper wasn’t injured, didn’t do anything wrong, and definitely wasn’t in any poor form.

One of the potential reasons for this weird substitution is supposed to be some odd rules in English 3rd league, that was sneakily bypassed with this weird substitution.

If this was true, than Bredford is probably getting some kind of (financial) punishment, which is than going to make this substitution as one of the craziest and dumbest ever!