Video: Betis’ Musonda waited 20 min after the match, to meet Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Real Betis’ player Charly Musonda waited 20 minutes after the match with Real Madrid, so that he could meet Cristiano Ronaldo!

Real Madrid absolutely demolished Real Betis, with a 1-6 win!

Although, it was an important win, it just didn’t make much of an impact, given that both Barcelona and Atletico won their matches.

The most surprising thing that happened in this match was (comically) after the match has ended.

Charly Musonda is Chelsea’s player playing on loan at Real Betis, and (as it looks like) his biggest birthday wish was to meet Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, his opponent.

So, Musonda waited for Real’s star man for about 20 minutes after the match, before finally getting his birthday wish. He even got a signed shirt by Ronaldo, in the end.

Although it was all really respectful from Ronaldo, one can see how much power he holds, so much that even his opponents are lining up and waiting to be make that selfie with the famous Portuguese!


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