Gif: Paul Pogba grabs and throws Joe Allen to the floor!

Joe Allen

Watch as Paul Pogba grabbed and than threw Joe Allen to the floor during a Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Stoke City!

Man Utd and Stoke played out an entertaining draw, that left Mourinho rather disappointed. I mean, if you draw at home to the last team in the league, you are not going to be happy.

Nevertheless, the most controversial (and funniest) moment came at the end of the match, when Manchester United had a corner kick.

Joe Allen was covering Paul Pogba, which somehow angered Pogba. When Allen got close to Pogba, he grabbed the little Welsh player and threw him to the ground.

No one really knows why Pogba did this, but referee certainly didn’t do his job, as he was so close, but didn’t do anything.

United are facing very tough matches in the next couple of weeks, while Pogba can get addition punishment for this “grab and throw” on poor little Allen!

When Joe Allen gets to close to Paul Pogba!