Gif: Marc Rebes gets sent off for a crazy kick on Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Marc Rebes gets a direct red card for a crazy kick against Cristiano Ronaldo during World Cup qualifier!

Portugal totally demolished Andorra with a 6-0 result, with Ronaldo as the star of the show!

Ronaldo scored incredible four goals in the best performance of this new season.

Obviously, Andorra wasn’t too happy about Ronaldo’s goals. That was true especially for one Marc Rebes.

Ronaldo was casually running with the ball, and was about to pass the ball to a teammate. Well Rebes saw an opportunity and just went with his leg through the Portuguese, once Ronaldo has already sent the ball away.

Referee didn’t like the tackle, and he sent Rebes packing.

Portugal won it, while Rebes will probably have a good story to tell to his kids, about a time he was sent off for kicking Ronaldo!

This is the only way Andorra could stop Ronaldo!