Video: West Ham preform the worst ever corner kick vs Southampton!

West Ham

Watch as West Ham preformed one really terrible corner kick against Southampton in Premier League encounter!

There is no secret that West Ham is in a terrible form. The club is in relegation places, and they managed to lose to Southampton 0-3.

This terrible form, which is similar to the time they got relegated, is perfectly shown in one of the corner kicks they took against Southampton.

As you can see there are like FIVE consecutive mistakes by West Ham’s players. Its probably the worst corner kick this season, as everything went completely wrong. Even Dimitri Payet made a mistake in this corner kick, which shows that no “Hammer” is in a good form.

It remains to be seen if Bilic (manager) will survive this defeat, but one thing is certain, West Ham will not be a part of the Premier League next season, if form like this continues!