Video: Maxime Gonalons with the worst tackle this season vs Bordeaux!


Watch Maxime Gonalons do a horrendous tackle during a match between Lyon and Bordeaux in French Ligue 1.

Lyon surprisingly lost to Bordeaux in today’s earliest fixture of Ligue 1.

A surprising result, which happened mainly because of one crazy moment!

Gonalons tried to take the ball away from Bordeaux’s player Malcom. He was too late on the ball, and caught Malcom directly on the shine. It was a horrible challenge that almost broke Malcom’s leg. Frankly, it was surprising that Malcom’s leg didn’t break after such a horror tackle.

Referee didn’t care about the end result, and just showed Gonalons a red card. Which was definitely the right decision!

A terrible tackle by Gonalons defeated Lyon, as they couldn’t cope with Bordeaux with a player less on the pitch.

Gonalons With A Horror Tackle vs Malcom! by WittyFutty