Video: Gianluigi Buffon silences the boos aimed at French National Anthem!

Gianluigi Buffon

Watch Gianluigi Buffon silence the boos aimed at the French National Anthem during a friendly match between Italy and France!

France won against Italy in one of the first “big” friendlies after EURO’s. The result wasn’t really important given that it was a friendly, but it does show that Italy will need to do a lot of work after Conte has departed.

One important thing for Italy was the introduction for Gianluigi Donnarumma, while the best moment of the match came when France were playing their national anthem.

When France’s national anthem started to play, some dumb fans started to boo. Gianluigi Buffon made a smart move and started to clap. The rest of his teammates followed their captain, and soon the rest of the stadium.

All those boos quickly went silent.

Its true that it was just a symbolic move by Buffon, but it was still awesome, and just shows you why this 38-year old is a legend!