Video: Edinson Cavani misses a sitter vs Arsenal!

Edinson Cavani

Watch as Edinson Cavani misses an absolute sitter vs Arsenal in Champions League opening match!

PSG and Arsenal are playing their Champions League match, which is currently 1-0 for the Parisians!

Edinson Cavani opened up the scoring in the 40th second, with basically first kick of the match. It was a splendid header by the Uruguay star, but what followed was simply terrible.

Although, Cavani is known to miss from easy positions, but this was bad for even his standard.

Latter in the match, Cavani managed to get in a fantastic position, where the only thing he had to do, was to put the ball into the empty net. Edinson messed up completely and Arsenal got off the hook!

Arsenal doesn’t look like scoring, but wasted chances like this usually get back at the teams that wasted up, so its going to be an interesting 45 minutes!