Video: Cristiano Ronaldo saves Real with a perfect free kick vs Sporting!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo scores a perfect free kick equalizer for Real Madrid against Sporting in Champions League group match!

Real managed to get a very difficult win against Sporting in their first Champions League match this season.

Morata won the match in the 94th minute, which was incredibly difficult.

Sporting lead against Real for a large portions of the match, but than some bloke named Ronaldo put things into Real’s hands!

Ronaldo has never been considered as a free kick specialist, but he sure scored this spectacular free kick goal.

It was 88th minute and things looked quite hopeless for Real. They got a dangerous free kick, but no one really expected them to score from it (given the previous takes in the match). Well Ronaldo scored it, and he scored it with a perfect free kick that is going to take all the highlights of the match.

Real eventually won it, but Sporting is really going to be disappointing, given that they literary lost the game in the finale second of the match!