Gif: Sergio Ramos with a dumb dive vs Villarreal!

Sergio Ramos

Watch as Sergio Ramos tried to con the referee by diving against Villarreal in a La Liga match!

Sergio Ramos managed to be the hero and the villain during a league match between Real Madrid and Villarreal!

Ramos scored a goal for Real, but also created a penalty for Villarreal with his (odd) handball.

Real drew the match with Villarreal, which is going to be considered as a big disappointment, given that Real played at home to a not (that strong) Villarreal team.

As I said before, Ramos made all the crucial moves in the match, even the stupid dive, with which he tried to con the referee to give Real a penalty!

Referee rightfully didn’t bought it and the match ended in a draw, that will probably be very useful for Barcelona’s triumph in this season’s La Liga.

Sergio Ramos is learning how to fly!