Gif: Sergio Ramos dives to not get sent off for a handball vs Espanyol!

Sergio Ramos

Watch how Sergio Ramos dived to avoid a red card for a handball against Espanyol!

Real Madrid is playing against Espanyol at the moment and the club from Madrid is winning comfortably at the moment (0-3).

This match could have made a totally different turn, if referees would have used their eyes and sent off Sergio Ramos!

Ramos, who already had a yellow card at the time of the incident, blocked Espnayol’s shot with his hand. Ramos realized that, and he quickly pretended to be hit in the head; Ramos basically dived.

Referee should have shown him a second yellow card, but instead dismissed the incident.

If Espanyol had a player more on the pitch, it would be a lot easier to get a point, or all three. Referees missed the incident, while Real managed to score three goals to (most likely) win the match.

Ramos managed to block a shot, use a handball, and dived all in one sequence!