Gif: Neymar ridiculous dive vs Borussia Mochengladbach!


Watch Neyma preform totally unnecessary dive against Borussia Mochengladbach in their Champions League encounter!

Another week of Champions League has ended, and Barcelona has won again. A regular occurrence, now days.

Borussia M. lost the match, although they were leading a good deal of the match, and should even had one penalty against Barca!

Still, Barca prevailed in the end, but there were some controversial scenes, like that with Suarez showing his middle finger to the fans, and one Barca star player’s ridiculous dive.

As Brazil wonderkid and Borussia’s player were fighting for a ball, Neymar took a knock to his chest. Neymar decided that he is going to overreact to the foul, and fell to the ground clutching his face. It was a very dumb move by Neymar, which referee didn’t “buy” at all.

Barcelona plays the best football in the world, but they should really start acting more mature on the pitch, even when provoked.

When Neymar gets hit in the chest, he pretends to be hit in the face!