Gif: Martin Skrtel crazy stomp on Harry Kane!

Martin Skrtel

Watch Martin Skrtel with a truly crazy stomp on Harry Kane during Slovakia against England!

Slovakia lost to England in 95th minute of injury time thanks to Adam Lallan’s goal, and Martin Skrtel’s madness.

England won deservedly, but things would probably different if Slovakia wouldn’t play with a player less on the pitch for the majority of the second half.

Martin Skrtel, who already had a yellow card at that point, was covering Harry Kane. England’s main striker took a tumble and Skrtel decided to stomp Kane’s leg. A crazy choice that immediately backfired. Referees saw that and sent Skrtel off!

Ultimately, Slovakia paid the price, as they just couldn’t keep England at bay with 10 players of the pitch.

A bad start to World Cup qualification for Slovakia, on the other hand an important victory for England!

The moment when Martin Skrtel went nuts!