Gif: Marouane Fellaini knocked out Kolarov’s tooth!

Marouane Fellaini

Watch as Maruane Fellaini knocks out Aleksandar Kolarov tooth during Manchester derby in Premier League!

Manchester City beat Manchester United in a tense derby, which was by far the most important match of this Premier League season.

It was a rough match, as expected. For some it was rougher, while for others not so. For Kolarov, it was definitely rougher!

Kolarov had a close encounter with Marouane Fellaini, to be more exact, Fellaini’s elbow. He got the Belgium’s elbow right in the face and lost a tooth in a very delicate position.

Fellaini got a yellow for that elbow, while Kolarov lost a tooth, still Kolarov was the happier of the two, given the important victory!

How Kolarov lost a tooth, today!