Gif: Marcin Wasilewski gets sent off for a stupid elbow on Diego Costa!

Macej Wasilewski

Watch Marcin Wasilewski get sent off for a really stupid elbow on Diego Costa during a League Cup match between Leicester City and Chelsea!

Leicester and Chelsea are playing a fantastic 3rd round league cup match! Its currently 2-4 for Chelsea, but it could have been totally different.

Leicester got into an early lead, but Chelsea eventually fought back. It was a very even match for a long time, but than Leicester’s Wasilewski got sent of for a really dumb foul!

Both Costa and Wasilewski went for a random ball, but Wasilewski went clumsily (with his elbow) on Diego Costa’s face and got a second yellow card.

I know that a lot of players like to elbow Costa, but Wasilewski did it in a totally wrong time.

This red card “destroyed” Leicester’s chances and they received two more goals.

Chelsea will win the match, but the did it thanks to Wasilewski’s blunder!

That’s how Diego Costa gets greeted by his opponents!