Gif: Luxembourg manager Luc Holtz kicks a box after Bulgaria’s injury time goal!


Watch Luxembourg’s manager Luc Holtz, as he angrily kicked a box, after his team concedes an injury time goal against Bulgaria!

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and World, they are also one of the least successful ones, at least in terms of football.

Bulgaria and Luxembourg were playing a World Cup qualification match, and Luxembourg was close to an incredible draw.

Luxembourg scored fantastic goal in the 90th minute to make it 3-3. It looked like the small country will get a big point, one of the biggest in the history of their country, but Bulgaria didn’t allow it.

Bulgaria scored even better 92nd minute goal which brought a victory, and an anger from Luxembourg’s manager Lux Holtz.

Holtz angrily kicked a random box, and you can hardly blame his frustration, given how close Luxembourg got to one of its greatest footballing successes!

When you are Luxembourg, and you concede an injury time goal that prevents you from winning a historic point!