Gif: Gabriel Jesus with the most ridiculous dive of the year vs Flamengo!

Gabriel Jesus

Watch as Gabriel Jesus preforms the most ridiculous dive of the year against Flamengo in Brazilian league!

Palmeiras and Flamengo played out an entertaining draw.

The star of the match was definitely Gabriel Jesus, a Manchester city player who is on loan at Palmeiras.

He scored one lovely goal, but also made one ridiculous move that totally overshadowed everything else he did in the match.

That’s why Jesus was the star of the match, basically a Hollywood star, given his acting skill.

Jesus was cowered by a Flamengo player, when Gabriel decided that he is going to preform the most ridiculous dive of the year. He comically went down at the slightest of touches, like being hit by a truck.

He should definitely get some kind of punishment for this dive, but as it stands he is Palmeiras’ hero given the important goal that he scored in the match!

Gabriel Jesus is the winner of the most ridiculous dive of the year!