Gif: Anthony Martial fouled before Watford scored vs Manchester United!

Anthony Martial

Watch as Anthony Martial was fouled before Watford scored their goal against Manchester United!

Watford and Manchester United have opened up this Sunday’s Premier League matches.

Shockingly, Watford is leading against Manchester United, with one goal to the good.Although its a shocking result, its quite deserved due to United’s bland performance.

The goal Watford scored is, however quite controversial.

Before Etienne Capoue eventually scored the goal, there looked like a foul on Martial. If you look at slow motion, you can see that Martial was fouled, before he lost the possession of the ball! That’s why Watford’s goal shouldn’t have counted.

Nevertheless, Watford is in the lead now, and United will have to show everything they got to win the match!

Martial gets fouled before Watford score!