Video: Quevilly’s player scores own goal from half the pitch!

Own Goal

Watch as US Quevilly Rouen’s player as he scores an epic half the pitch own goal for Pau in 3rd French league!

Lower leagues of football, usually don’t offer much of a quality football, but this sure did (in a negative way).

Pau and Quevilly were playing a regular match in 3rd French league. It was 25th minute, and Quevilly player decided to pass the ball back to his goalkeeper, all the way from half the pitch.

The pass didn’t go according to plan and a player scored one of the longest own goals ever!

The match ended in a 2-2 draw, which means that the “longest own goal” became also an “important longest own goal”!

Rouen’s Player Manages To Score An Own… by WittyFutty