Video: Östersunds FK keeper gets attacked by a nuts fan in Sweden!

Crazy fan

Watch as Ostersunds FK goalkeeper Aly Keita gets attacked by a crazy fan during a league match against J-Sodra!

Ostersunds and J-Sodra were playing a regular match in Sweden, when a nuts fan disrupted the match!

It was 90th minute, and it looked like it was going to be a 1-1 draw between the teams.

For some crazy reason, one fan got on the pitch and started running after Ostersunds goalkeeper. Although Keita managed to evade the fan at the beginning, he was soon caught and hit by the deranged fan!

Security managed to catch the fan quite soon after, and dragging him of the pitch, but the match still got suspended.

This incident is probably the worst ever in Sweden’s football, which will undoubtedly raised the question of security in stadiums.

ÖFK’s Keeper Aly Keita Was Attacked By A Nuts… by WittyFutty


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