Video: Marouane Fellaini saves a fan from being crushed!

Marouane Fellaini

Watch Maruane Fellaini save a lady fan from being crushed during Manchester United late goal celebration against Hull City!

Hull City and Manchester United played out an entertaining match with a “crushing” finish. It looked like it was going to be a draw, but Rashford scored in the last minute to keep United on their winning run!

There was obvious a big celebration, after Rashford winning goal, but it could be fatal for a certain United fan.

Women ended up at the end of the massive crush of fans purring onto the pitch, but luckily Fellaini saw that, and came to the ladies rescue.

Who knows what would have happened if there weren’t for Fellaini, and that’s also the main reason why Fellaini was the real hero of the match, and not Rashford!

Fellaini Helps A Fan From Being… by WittyFutty