Video: Jurgen Klopp found his lookalike standing behind him!

Jurgen Klopp

Watch Jurgen Klopp and his look alike standing and watching as Liverpool crush Barcelona in a friendly match!

Liverpool and Barcelona were playing in a friendly match (International Champions Cup). Liverpool absolutely destroyed Barcelona 4-0 in an excellent showing.

It doesn’t happen that often that a club beats Barca 4-0!

There were many highlights from the match,especially from Liverpool side, but the funniest was surly that from Jurgen Klopp and his lookalike!

During the match, cameraman decided to show Klopp and his reaction to some random event. It was a comical take, which reviled someone who looked exactly like Klopp!

That lookalike is no other than Liverpool new fitness coach, Andreas Kornmayer, who was fitness coach of Bayern Munich before his Merseyside job.

It looks like Liverpool tried to bring in a fitness coach that could duplicate’s Klopp’s transformation in fitness department!

So, Liverpool won by a huge margain, while Liverpool’s got a new Klopp in their ranks. Liverpool might be even more dangerous now, as they have double Klopp!

Liverpool’s Fitness Coach Is Very Similar To… by WittyFutty